My name is Xenia Oliver and I'm a fashion designer from Barcelona.


I always had a dream about having my own brand, so once graduated in fashion design, I just decided that it was the perfect time to do it.

The fashion industry, is one of the most pollutants in our reality. The fast fashion just doesn’t help with the situation our planet is actually in.

This project was born from the creativity, passion and innovation. I want to make my own designs, watching every step I take, in order to promote sustainable clothes and accessories.




Since I’m an unconditional fan of the Japanese and asian culture (yes, I’m a total freak), my collections will show it. You will see from Japanese fabrics designs, food, culture, and of course, anime.

I always wanted to wear clothes that were freak or otaku, but when you search for them, it’s always the same, some shirts and hoodies with logos or drawings, that’s it. My ambition here is to mix the otaku part with the fashion world in a more subtle way.




I’m the one who designs and makes the final products, but that would not be possible without the help from my family. They are in each and every step this brand goes through. They help me with all the processes in anything I do, and I can say for sure that Nia’Studio would not be the same without them.


 Every product in this website is handmade in Barcelona. 

We don’t have products in stock; that means every product you purchase, is made specially for you.

All the fabrics we use are from local shops in Spain. 


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